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Celebrity Homes That Ruled 2013

Unlike previous years when over-the-top architecture, islands and fortresses-for-sale ruled the scene, 2013′s news was dominated by tech billionaires, pop songstresses and Hollywood royalty whose homes — whether bought or sold — provided a peek into their private lives.
Here are the celebrity homes that attracted the most interest from® visitors in 2013:

10 - Taylor Swift Childhood HomeTaylor Swift’s Childhood Home
Taylor Swift made one of the biggest celebrity purchases of the year when she paid $17 million cash for a waterfront mansion in Rhode Island; but it was a home linked to the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer’s early beginnings that produced the greatest buzz. Every pop icon’s path to stardom has to start somewhere, and fans got a glimpse of Swift’s when her childhood home hit the market in Wyomissing, Pa. in July.

8 - Bill Gates Equestrian Estate Bill Gates’ Waterfront Equestrian Estate
Microsoft nerd and second richest man in the world Bill Gates saddled up in a big way in June when he shelled out $8.7 million for a waterfront equestrian estate in Florida. Gates’ purchase in the affluent village of Wellington came after he and his family rented the property last year. Apparently, the tech magnate took a shine to the estate, which boasts horse-friendly amenities aplenty and nearly 7,300 square feet. Still, it’s a far cry from his modern, 50,000-square-foot behemoth of a mansion on Lake Washington near Seattle.

7 - Frank Sinatra Mountain Retreat Frank Sinatra’s Mountain Retreat With  Helipad
The biggest stars often need time away from the spotlight and a place to escape, and Frank Sinatra was no exception. Hitting the market in April was the Mountain Center, Calif., retreat of Ol’ Blue Eyes himself. Looking to stay cool in the summertime, Sinatra apparently chose a granite mountain plateau above Palm Springs as the ideal locale for his hideout, complete with its own helipad, which was completed in 1967. Besides acting as his own personal sanctuary, the chalet was said to have been used by Sinatra to wine and dine the Rat Pack, various dignitaries and a host of social elite.

5 - Katy Perry Mansion Hollywood Hills Katy Perry Wheels and Deals in Hollywood
Katy Perry’s Twitter presence eclipsed stars such as Justin Beiber in 2013, and her real estate dealings proved no different. In April, the pop songstress changed her tune on a Hollywood Hills residence that once served as her love nest with then-husband Russell Brand, listing the Spanish-style home for $6.925 million. She followed up on that listing in May with a fireworks display of multimillion-dollar purchases, including the home of Bruce Springsteen drummer and former Conan O’Brien bandleader Max Weinberg. The total on Perry’s spending spree? A cool $11.2 million.

4 - Jim Carey Malibu Beach House Jim Carrey’s Malibu Move
It cost a whole lot more than what you’d make selling a dead bird to a blind kid, but the No.4 celebrity story of 2013 proved to be totally redeeming. Jim Carrey finally found a buyer for his oh-so “Hmmm, California! Beautiful!” home in Malibu. The Hollywood funnyman dropped the price of his oceanfront bungalow to $13.95 million in 2012 and ultimately sold the Malibu Colony property for $13.4 million in June. He was later seen peeling out of the home’s driveway in a 1984 Sheepdog van.

3 - Ronald Reagan General Electric Showcase Home Ronald Reagan’s General Electric Showcase
Ronald Reagan hosted  television’s General Electric Theater program from 1953 to 1962 (and toured ceaselessly as the public face of the company during that time) so it’s not all that surprising to learn that he owned one of the earliest energy-efficient homes ever conceived — which just happened to be built by GE. The retro green home with presidential pedigree lit a wave of energy-saving excitement in January, when it came to market in Pacific Palisades for $4.999 million. It eventually sold in February at $210,000 more than its asking price.

1 - Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn Malibu Beach House Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn’s Big Sale
Don’t tell Kurt Russell or Goldie Hawn they are washed up. In July the veteran Hollywood A-listers proved they still have plenty of star power when they pitched their picturesque Malibu home, stirring up the hottest celebrity real estate story of 2013. The couple previously asked a wallet-busting $14.79 million for the bohemian abode redesigned by starchitect Gus Duffy. The home, rich in organic light-filled living spaces, ultimately went for $9.5 million.

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